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This morning fire crews were still damping down the charred remains of the site, known at Pelaw Court.
They spent 45 minutes tackling the fire and damping down the remains of the structure.
Crews from Batley are still damping down at the waste transfer station at Ravenswharfe Road, Dewsbury.
Crews were at the scene throughout the night and early today one crew continued damping down.
Firefighters spent more than 12 hours damping down the blaze on the Hackworth Industrial Park.
Crews were still damping down five hours after the blaze broke out.
One fire engine was still damping down the stone farm house at 6.
It took around two hours before we were able to get the fire under control and we then spent the day damping down the property.
Firefighters from Rugby and Bedworth were at the scene until midday damping down the embers from the earlier inferno.
The blaze was brought under control within an hour and two crews from Highgate and Binley remained at the scene damping down.
The single-storey building, which is 60 metres by 40 metres, was well alight and crews spent the rest of the night dousing the flames and then damping down.
Firefighters were still at the scene this morning damping down the embers.
Firefighters managed to contain it quickly and spent two hours damping down the scene.
We will be here all day damping down and possibly tomorrow," added Mr Hayward.
Crews were still damping down yesterday morning after the blaze broke out at the Whitefurz premises in Burnsall Road, Canley, Coventry, just before 10pm on Thursday.