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Synonyms for dampening

the act of making something slightly wet


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White Horse Plastics first applied the grade to vibration dampening in car gear boxes, reducing Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) whilst working alongside a longstanding customer.
Gel particles, such as silicone gel, provide the vibration dampening.
He also said that the link between dampening of emotions and blood pressure is believed to be involved in the development of hypertension and risk for coronary heart disease, and may also be involved in disorders of emotion regulation, such as bipolar disorders and depression.
6 September 2011 - Swedish medical technology developer Sectra AB (STO:SECT B) sees that the uncertainty around the budgetary savings in the USA has had a dampening effect on the market, the company said in its first-quarter financial report, published today.
The EIU attributed this downward revision to the delay in formation of a government, which is dampening consumer and investor sentiment in the country.
At the height of the inferno five appliances from Grangetown were in attendance and there were still three engines dampening down flames earlier today.
economy is likely to slow down, dampening Japan's export-oriented industries.
This unique ride dampening system utilizes high tensile polymer blocks to dampen the track oscillation during ground operation.
The T6000 solves several traditional problems," said Petersen, pointing to the pedal pivot and dampening design.
What investment sales brokers say has had a major dampening effect on the potential value of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, however, is the complex's high number of rent stabilized apartments.
Craig says Colorfix allows you to choose how much color to remove, from a slight dampening of your new shade to full removal.
Besides dampening noise, porous surfaces drain rain, potentially reducing accidents.
In certain parts of the world--most obviously Iraq--terrorism is on the rise, somewhat dampening international business confidence, according to broker and insurance services provider Aon Ltd.
Integra HP provides long-term appearance value retention, impenetrable moisture barrier, seam integrity, both wet and dry high tuft bind, no delamination of secondary backing, no edge ravel, no wick-back staining, sound dampening for acoustically sensitive installations, comfort under foot, and dimensional stability.