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Synonyms for dampener

a device that dampens or moistens something


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When you rotate the angled rotors while they are pitched, you can be certain the anti-collision light will get smashed by the blade dampener on the aft rotor.
FAMILIES feel so ripped off by airports and budget airlines that it can put a dampener on their holiday before they even take off.
The Alliance said stamp duty had been 'transformed from a small irritant to a major dampener on housing activity'.
Global Banking News-April 15, 2013--New mortgage rules put dampener on home sales in Canada(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
The dampener lowers the durometer at the same rate for each test, resulting in superior repeatability for all durometer tests, according to the company.
The new SENTRY CIP dampener is designed for hygienic applications that require clean-in-place components.
Rising interest rates put a dampener on consumption and investment.
She sets about scheming to get them back on track, and it looks like it's working - until the girls' mother turns up and immediately puts a dampener on things.
With each dampener between 15' and 19' long and weighing between 700 lbs and 1000 lbs each, they were just too large to install without significant planning.
Army Materiel Command for maintenance and overhaul of Flutter Dampener Assemblies that are used on the UH-60 Helicopter.
Even global recession has not put a dampener on Britain's chocoholics, reports The Daily Express.
DEAN LEWINGTON suffered a horrific head injury which put a dampener on this stalemate.
THE wet weather did not put a dampener on a celebratory barbecue.
Instead of influencing how hard the exams are, all the critics are doing is putting a dampener on the great grades that have been achieved after a huge amount of hard work by both students and teachers.
It hasn't put a dampener on the festival, which attracted record crowds.