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a course of some impermeable material laid in the foundation walls of building near the ground to prevent dampness from rising into the building

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The source of water penetration needs to be located with appropriate repairs and/or maintenance undertaken to avoid further problems - for instance by re-plastering, filling cracks and renewing the damp course.
Six involve an alleged victim on Mill Road, Thingwall, whom Evans is accused of taking PS1,850 from for three jobs that were never carried out - fitting a new door, painting damp course and roof coating.
AS a bricklayer, your work would include MEASURING the work area and Setting out the FIRST ROWS of BRICKS (COURSES) and the damp COURSE, mixing mortar by hand or with a mechanical mixer, laying the BRICKS on top of each other and applying the mortar with a trowel, Shaping and trimming BRICKS uSing HAMMERS, CHISELS and power TOOLS and checking that COURSES are Straight uSing water or LASER Spirit LEVELS and plumb LINES.
This could be anything from simply repairing broken guttering, to having a full damp course fitted.
We should see something better even if the damp course is playing plenty long enough for this shortish hitter.
My hosts hadn't noted an increase in rising damp in the walls because they had installed a damp course 10 years before and this was holding it down.
This is governed by the Party Wall Act 1996, which enshrines your right to do things like cutting into the wall to take one end of an RSJ, or slicing all the way through it in order to install a new damp course.
A detached Georgian barn, with original elm beams and flooring, is used for additional garaging and storage, although recent upgrading with a damp course and wiring suggests several potential alternative uses.
You need to build a frame using treated timber which is above the house's existing damp course.
It may be practical but you can hardly invite the neighbours round to admire the new damp course or make themselves comfortable on the central heating.
That is a big advantage in older properties which often don't have a damp course," Mr Grandison, said.
Look around the base of the house - Ensure any soil, gravel or debris is well below the damp course.
The only difference is that in these days of sperm banks and surrogacy, you can choose your family - but you can't choose the family a damp course away.
Can you tell me how long a damp course normally lasts?