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a young unmarried woman

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bill," Brome, The Damoiselle (1638); Fletcher, The Elder Brother (1625); Randolph, Aristippus (1626); "discharge .
De Ternant said that Debussy visited London for a week in 1887 to seek an English publisher for his choral work La Damoiselle elue.
110811-2): Broadcast a few weeks earlier in the spring of 1940, this Debussy compilation (it also includes Iberia, two of the Nocturnes and the pre-Raphaelite La Damoiselle Elue among other offerings) shows Toscan ini building a wonderful palette of colour and excitement from his NBC Symphony Orchestra.
The orchestra also will perform Debussy's ``La damoiselle elue,'' featuring soprano Joan Rodgers and mezzo-soprano Monica Groop; and Stravinsky's ``Oedipus Rex,'' with narration by actor Maximilian Schell, and vocal performers Groop, tenor Jorma Silvasti as Oedipus, bass-baritone Willard White as Creon, bass Kenneth Cox as Tiresias and tenor Robert Lee as the Shepherd, with the men of the Los Angles Master Chorale.
It [the melodie] can also be found in more developed manifestations (La Damoiselle elue, by Debussy; the Fin de l'homme, by M.
The programme for the concert is: Faure - Dolly Suite; Debussy - La Damoiselle Elue; Berlioz - Symphonie Fantasique.
footnote in the early letters, Edmond Bailly--owner of the Librairie independante, publisher of La damoiselle due.
Bien le glosai, mieuls 1 entendi: A celi qui pour Vamour d'elle Fu fes et q'une damoiselle Eut chante.
Tie Black, Damoiselle, Silva, Daaly Babet and Impressionnante complete the field.
Clevenger's study of the four cantatas (Daniel, Le Gladiateur, L'Enfant prodigue, and La Damoiselle elue) that the young Debussy composed during the 1880s in connection with the Prix de Rome competition, which he first entered in 1882 and won in 1884.
Only one English translation of Gournay's autobiography was ever published before Hillman and Quesnel's Apology: Elayne Dezon-Jones's "Imitation of the Life of Damoiselle de Gournay" (in Writings by Pre-Revolutionary French Women from Marie de France to Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun, eds.
absinthe dream I view myself from but a little Polish damoiselle
Another gamble went astray in the Budget Power & Energy Novices' Handicap Hurdle as Damoiselle, backed from 7-2 into 9-4 favourite, was never seen with a chance and trailed in last of seven finishers.