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in a damnable manner

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When I was fully employed and raising my family, you might say I was damnably busy," says 86-year-old George Fikes, who worked as a federal investigator and raised 11 children.
Two dramatic poems from her 1866 book, "The Snow Waste" and "With the Dead," make this point negatively, by featuring male speakers unable to distance themselves from their desires and, who, as a result, degenerate from competitive triadic subjects to damnably objectified souls in torment.
Free-spirited young women having digital sex with a well-known politician who loves to expose himself and talk raunchy can be so damnably unpredictable and untrustworthy.
It's all damnably pleasant but Kylie left bigger boots to fill than this.
You have already been treated to news of Tom Gutteridge's puppy Boots (not the chemist) and Kate Fox's Norbert (one can only admire the chutzpah of someone in her line of business selecting a name that is so damnably hard to fit into a rhyme scheme).
Contributing Editor Veronique de Rugy explains on page 21 why even cutting the rate of growth in military spending is so damnably difficult; on page 70, columnist Tim Cavanaugh looks at the slow-but-steady growth in municipal bankruptcies; on page 48, cartoonist extraordinaire Peter Bagge reports on the economic ruins of Detroit; and in case all this isn't depressing enough for you, Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey details on page 34 how the government is using your cellphone to spy on you without your knowledge.
Even now, I'm not 100% dead certain, some mysterious X factor yet nags far at the back of my mind, but it's damnably close.
Is Zeitlin damnably presumptuous in assuming the voice of another?
But when I see a Democrat do a damnably dunderheaded thing for no obvious reason - as the local bag of elected Democrats did recently using their front man, state Sen.
And, having since interviewed him, I can wholeheartedly attest to him being a damnably decent sort, if a little bit on the unpredictable side on the punctuality front - it took the best part of three weeks to eventually get him on the phone.
After much painful prevaricating, Matthew and Mary recognised they were made for each other: both damnably good-looking, nicebut-dim types interested only in social status and their inheritance.
That's why reforming the gun laws to test people's mental fitness to own a gun before they can buy one, is so damnably difficult.
Sydney, Nov 24(ANI): Noted cricket commentator Peter Roebuck has said that the Andrew Strauss-led England team can win the Ashes Down Under, but it would be damnably difficult.
Kasbah Bliss was so impressive in victory at Haydock, with Christophe Pieux riding him with such a damnably Gallic panache and a style stolen in equal measures from Harry Wragg, Jamie Spencer, Lester Piggott and Andy Turnell, that he can go in the same bracket as death and taxes.