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Synonyms for damn

not give a damn


  • not care
  • not mind
  • be indifferent
  • not give a hoot
  • not care a jot
  • not give two hoots
  • not care a whit
  • not care a brass farthing
  • not give a tinker's curse or damn

Synonyms for damn

to pronounce judgment against

to invoke evil or injury upon

to use profane or obscene language

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

Synonyms for damn

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Best Damn Penny Stocks is an independent electronic publication that provides information on selected publicly traded companies.
My Damn Channel Founder/CEO Rob Barnett says, "Radio and music talent will bring large, loyal audiences to this new video venture.
My Damn Channel has produced, distributed and licensed thousands of original videos for brands, filmmakers, actors, musicians and comedians.
Fun times, and big ups to Brian Schaeffer, Rob Meronek, and the Damn Am crew--good times.
Since 2007, My Damn Channel has birthed over 30 video channels for brands, filmmakers, actors, musicians and comedians.
We produce neither lies, nor damn lies, but we do generate good statistics," said Mr.
Special Episode of Hit Series Wainy Days Premieres Today Exclusively on Boxee and My Damn Channel
Some of this shit is so damn good it blows away most of the junk passing off as country these days.
I now understand why there are more social sexual diseases, AIDS, single families, welfare for minor children, unwed mothers, fathers who do not give a damn, and a host of other social ills.
This theater show, now in its third year of sold out performances inNew York,is available for the first time off stage and online at My Damn Channel,who will also syndicate the web series throughout its digital network.
Thanks to Trent and Laura from Cowtown for doing the damn thing
Turn over the boulders, put everybody's damn fire out.
My Damn Channel has birthed 25 video channels for filmmakers, actors, musicians and comedians.
ATLANTA -- Caribbean break-out group ELVIS WHITE has been confirmed to perform at The Give A Damn Party, the official launch of The Sara Blakely Foundation, hosted by Virgin Empire founder, Sir Richard Branson, and Sara Blakely of SPANX.