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large hardy very fragrant pink rose

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Rose is the king of flowers and Damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.
3] (Gibberellic acid 3) can improve multiplication of Damask rose explants.
10] reported that the best BAP concentration for micropropagation of Damask rose was 5 [micro]g [L.
The results of our experiment are supported by the findings of [11], who demonstrated that NAA was necessary for micropropagation of damask rose.
11] concluded that the best hormonal compound for in vitro propagation of Damask rose is BA (2 mg [l.
Factor affecting tissue culture of damask Rose (Rosa damascena Mill.
The extreme altitude and low annual rainfall of 7-12cm are ideal for Damask roses, which need heat in the growth stage hut must be kept from high temperatures and moisture at harvest.
Early 'text-speak' gets the message across:Hugh Pugh's love poetry consists of several parts, such as this medium- length verse: Why do I Love, go ask The Alerious Sun, Why every Day he around the World doth run, Ask Thames and Tiber why they Ebb and flow, Ask Damask Roses why in June they grow.
Liz Earle, botanical beauty specialist and skincare creator, says: "I'm hooked on the perfume from damask roses, so my beauty treat is to soak my hands in a basin of warm water sprinkled with a few drops of pure rose absolute.
Of these, damask roses are considered to have the finest scent but all the other old rose species ( albas, gallicas, bourbons, centifolias and the rest ( rate highly.
The damask rose is the oldest of all rose varieties and is highly fragrant and rich in essential oil," explains Liz.