damask rose

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large hardy very fragrant pink rose

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Effect of some auxins on growth of damask rose cuttings in different growing media.
The delicate touch of damask rose adds a light pink shade to the fragrance for a totally elegant, harmonious perfume.
The Damask rose is traditionally grown in the Valley of Roses (Rozovata Dolina) a the area of the towns of Kazanlak and Karlovo in Central Bulgaria at elevations between 370 and 625 m, but, according to the official definition, it can be grown in certain areas of the Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Pazadrzhik ad Sofia regions.
A trained team of therapists offer a wide treatment menu, including massage treatments, body treatments, facial treatments as well as foot and hand treatments, using high quality product lines that incorporate indigenous ingredients like damask rose and frankincense.
Hauschka Skin Care is proud to announce their support of the Terra PLC Damask Rose Farm, a new fair trade initiative in Ethiopia.
I was then treated to a back massage using damask rose oil which helps to renew the skin, reduce stretch marks, improve circulation.
Also known as Damask rose, it adds a light, refined air.
BACKGROUND: Rose oil is the essential oil extracted from the petals of the damask rose.
The Bahraini rose appears to be related to the Damask Rose (Rosa damascena), which is said to have been introduced to Europe from Damascus by French knight Robert de Brie in the middle of the 13th Century - hence the specific name damascena.
Many of those he mentions, such as the Provencal rose, the Damask rose and Rosa mundi are still known to gardeners today.
Fertile Earth I In the corner of the garden we found the perfect spot for the damask rose "Celsiana," but when we dug, we hit a boulder.
Lying atop a high escarpment in the Sarawat Mountains, Taif has perfect conditions for growing rosa damascena trigintipetala, known as the Damask rose (known locally as the Taif rose), famed for its fragrance.
Amid the blaze of new colours were the white rose of Yorkshire, the red rose of Lancashire, the musk rose, the holy rose of Abyssinia, Damask rose, old blush, the Tibet rose, dog rose and sweet briar.