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Synonyms for damaging

Synonyms for damaging

(sometimes followed by 'to') causing harm or injury

designed or tending to discredit, especially without positive or helpful suggestions


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Broad, 15 not out overnight, was dropped twice, most damagingly of all on 21 when McCullum floored a routine second slip chance off Chris Martin.
It's easy to crank up the sound to damagingly loud levels, especially in busy streets or on public transport.
Finally, most damagingly of all, Bouchard's polemical stance leads her to adopt an entirely prescriptive and monolithic approach to the question of the relationship between modernism and postmodernism.
However, even more damagingly for the club's title prospects, six of their players have been charged with misconduct and, if they are all found guilty, their total suspensions could even surpass 20 matches.
Even more damagingly, it omits gramophone records, tapes, CDs-a great pity since those poets who were the keenest to communicate orally booked into studios and negotiated contracts with recording companies.
But as 41-year-old Hoddle was denying the slur, his spiritual mentor Eileen Drewery appeared damagingly to back his bizarre views.
She shares her pages with the New York critics who handed down the word she so gleefully and damagingly tossed back.
Most damagingly for Old Etonian David Cameron is the fact that Tory heads all over Britain will be nodding in agreement with Tebbit.
Everton haven''t taken the chances they have created, but much more damagingly they can''t keep clean sheets either.
Council decision-makers might choose now to consider if they would have chosen the same path had their own cash been involved, rather than the public funds which they've warned repeatedly are in damagingly short supply.
The former United centre half believes injuries have hampered Alex Ferguson's selections - but more damagingly he believes the players are thinking too much.
That's the beauty of getting older" Actress and director Kathy Burke "Oliver Letwin powerfully and damagingly confirms an old perception that the Tories really are selfish, bigoted plonkers" Design guru Stephen Bayley on the Cabinet Office Minister's remark that "we don't want people from Sheffield flying away on cheap holidays" "I don't like interviews, and do them very rarely.
And, even more damagingly, the Russians, Americans and Chinese look set to boycott the Commonwealth Games, yet again.
It is also damagingly divisive, setting research-led universities against the rest, the increasingly popular arts and social sciences against the natural sciences and engineering, "research active" staff against their colleagues.
Damagingly for Mr Brown, however, her devastating critique chimed with the complaints of the Prime Minister's critics on the Labour backbenches who have once again been talking of a possible leadership challenge.