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Synonyms for damaging

Synonyms for damaging

(sometimes followed by 'to') causing harm or injury

designed or tending to discredit, especially without positive or helpful suggestions


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No disclosures damaging to a harassed autocracy, complete fidelity to the secrets of the miserable
Tulliver to lose the suit about the right of road and the bridge that made a thoroughfare of his land for every vagabond who preferred an opportunity of damaging private property to walking like an honest man along the highroad; all lawyers were more or less rascals, but Wakem's rascality was of that peculiarly aggravated kind which placed itself in opposition to that form of right embodied in Mr.
It was now holiday-time at the schools, and the young ladies had gone home, and Miss Monflathers was reported to be flourishing in London, and damaging the hearts of middle-aged gentlemen, but nobody said anything about Miss Edwards, whether she had gone home, or whether she had any home to go to, whether she was still at the school, or anything about her.
Most of the damage at Antelope Valley Union High, Lancaster and Palmdale school districts resulted from ruptured pipes that flooded rooms, damaging or destroying books, computer equipment, ceilings and carpet.
When certain plastics burn, they can put forth various chlorides, salts and acids into the air which, once they condense and crystallize on metals, can cause a corrosive effect especially damaging on electronics," he said.
Yet of all the factors studied, sunlight was the most damaging to dye color, Wis-Surel says.
However, they may not know that even the little, everyday things they do to their hair - like exposing it to the sun, blow-drying and brushing - are damaging factors.