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Synonyms for damaged

harmed or injured or spoiled

being unjustly brought into disrepute


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The government of KPK has directed the education department to include damaged school facilities under their Annual Development Program (ADP) for reconstruction and rehabilitation.
The estimated number of Southern Baptist churches destroyed or damaged by Katrina in south Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
These shadow sections show an important fact that in the process of RAID 5 recovery, if there appear any bad sectors, RAID 5 data will be half-baked and it may cause some data to be damaged, or severe damage to the system, depending on the location of "shadow sections".
The method of converting the damaged property to cash no longer should prevent a taxpayer from receiving the benefits of involuntary conversion treatment.
In 1992-1995, wind, ice storms, wildfires and insect infestations damaged some of Willamette's crop.
Before delivery to each member, American Auto Logistics will repair, replace or clean any damaged or soiled parts or components affecting the safety of the vehicle or health of the member.
Last month, Deutsche Bank, filed another lawsuit against two insurance carriers, Allianz and AXA, to demolish the building that was damaged in the attacks, saying it was too contaminated to be re-occupied.
People treated with EPO also tended to have smaller areas of damaged brain tissue, as measured by brain scans a month after their stroke.
We postulated that if AS produces oxidative DNA damage, this specific enzyme, having both DNA glycosylase and endonuclease activities, will recognize and cleave the damaged bases, and that consequently DNA strand breaks will be produced at enzyme-sensitive sites.
This exclusion does not apply if the damaged work or the work out of which the damage arises was performed on your behalf by a subcontractor.
2) was confronted with the dilemma of finding a way to award damages to this plaintiff, who was substantially damaged by the cooperative which breached the proprietary lease even though plaintiff could not prove damages with certainty.
Their allies in this effort are restoration firms that specialize in extracting water from the premises, drying out the building by circulating the air and dehumidifying it, and then restoring any damaged goods, such as paper documents, microfiche, film and diskette files.
Similarly, cells may sometimes do better to repair partially damaged proteins than waste a fair amount of energy synthesizing replacements.