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an effort to minimize or curtail damage or loss

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Manama Bahrain's Islamic Menbar, the society that has enjoyed immense parliamentary clout since 2002, has launched a damage-control operation going into the second round of the parliamentary elections on October 30 after being soundly rebuffed in the first stage.
Damage-control personnel need to know the impact these DC pipe-patching kits have on their required shipboard inventory and manage this inventory accordingly.
As everyone from Robert Reich to Jay Mazur of the Union of Needle Trades and Industrial Employees saluted the industry leaders for caring enough to attend, it was easy enough to discern the outlines of a corporate damage-control strategy.
The Mexican government went into a damage-control mode following last December's devaluation of the peso and the tumultuous impact on the emerging markets that resulted.
Marlin asserts that "it is the best there is at providing valuable time in which to initiate damage-control procedures.
coli outbreak linked to Taco Bell restaurants has left more than four dozen people sick in at least three states, creating a major damage-control crisis for the fast-food chain, according to an article in the Dec.