damage control

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an effort to minimize or curtail damage or loss

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Although it is too early to speak of a crisis in US-Saudi relations, there is plenty of evidence that damage control is not working as intended.
According to Dr Zaghloul, “Here at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, we treat approximately 40-50 cases of damage control resuscitation annually.
All of the damage control bags are designed to be used for casualty situations and should not be depleted during drill scenarios.
Drawing upon more than 20 years DNA-based research by leading molecular biologists, the DNA Damage Control sunscreens feature two patented DNA repair enzymes - photolysomes and endosomes.
Coagulopathy clearly correlates with mortality in severely injured damage control patients.
Damage Control is an excellent resource to have on the shelf when trouble comes knocking.
Overall, Kitts argues, the story of presidential commissions is the story of presidential attempts at damage control.
Introducing the reader to a remarkable understanding of what might be the cause of people's interpretive and illusive vision of Christ, Damage Control reminds its readers that each individual can validly make a difference in the minds of others and their often negative view.
From making mistakes to damage control in a project environment, THE ART OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT covers, in depth, many of the common obstacles in a business environment.
Four fire engines and the special damage control unitwere called to the complex in Melwood Drive, West Derby.
Whitewash is as good a description as any, but others also come to mind: cover-up, diversion, damage control, scapegoating, delaying strategy.
Via starts with some damage control by arguing that the Old Testament prohibition of male homosexual acts (lesbianism never gets mentioned) is more a matter of "uncleanness" than sin (and from a New Testament standpoint "the physical cannot defile").
I compiled a list of possible damage control measures I intend on using that I hope will be useful in extricating ourselves from this tar baby.
Nearly every function of the ship, from navigation and steering to engine and damage control, is conducted and monitored using commercial, off-the-shelf hardware and software.
The administration, desperate to save the program, went into "high damage control," notes Dempsey.
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