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herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its edible root and in temperate areas as an ornamental for its large glossy leaves

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Before Dalo, Dublin changed their manager almost on an annual basis but he has brought stability and development - it would be a backward step if he goes.
I still speak to Dalo the odd time over the phone and I'm sure the other fellah will have a warm welcome planned for him in Ennis
Dalo have grouped the operational requirements into the following three inu configurations:
By framework agreement dalo understands an agreement under which dalo can obtain additional sets of inu, Spare parts, Training and technical support, E.
Therefore dalo is looking for information on how to structure a possible future tender.
DALO wish to purchase; EUD small EUD medium EUD Large These EUD~s will be the soldier~s communication equipment as mobil telephone and tablets.
It is emphasized that the above mentioned quantities are an indication of DALO desired needs.
AaAaAaLeipzig, Mar 18, SPA -- The Leipzig book fair opened to the public Thursday, after Hungarian-born historian Gyorgy Dalos received an award for promoting understanding between Europeans through his work, according to dpa.
Para dar una idea de lo anterior, ADC afirma que se pueden conectar 1,000 usuarios de dalos o 300 usuarios de tripla play por cada arreglo instalado, a los cuales se les puede proveer del servicio en areas de hasta 11,612 metros cuadrados, lo cual equivale en promedio a tres campos de futbol americano.
Chronicling a unique political, social, and cultural watershed, Gyorgy Dalos has tackled a huge subject in A kulcsfigura (The Key Figure).
Dalos retains a remarkably authentic, idiomatic voice, even though he has lived outside Hungary for a long time.