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the basic unit of money in Gambia

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They will each earn 2,150 Dalasi a month - the equivalent of pounds 126.
Sallah said directors who are ranked on the scale as grade 12, earned less than D7,000 dalasi per month in 2013.
Currency: Dalasi, pounds 1 is about 40 dalasi: Climate: There is almost no rainfall from November to June, with the average temperature being 30 degrees C.
8 percent in February 2017, driven by higher food prices and the recent depreciation of the dalasi which increases the domestic price of imported goods.
Touray said depreciation pressure on the Gambian currency, Dalasi, emerged following low export from the below-average harvest in 2012, increase in domestic debt and lower donor inflows.
Although many of these establishments, offering decent world cuisine, are fair value for money by our standards, you'll be amazed how far your dalasi (the local currency) will go if you find out where the locals eat.
Gambias election commission has confirmed that the development of a biometric voters' registration process will cost the government 33 million dalasi (US$833,000).
EoACA[pounds sterling]So we can help bring hard currency into the Central Bank [of The Gambia], which can help support the Dalasi and keep it stable.
Bain gave her 100 dalasi (pounds 2) to leave him alone and boasted to a People investigator sitting nearby: "I've had her before but she's a bit of a gold digger and I told her I wasn't in the mood.
The problem is compounded by the fact that the value of the national currency, the dalasi, has plummeted alarmingly over the past year.