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the basic unit of money in Gambia

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Bain gave her 100 dalasi (pounds 2) to leave him alone and boasted to a People investigator sitting nearby: "I've had her before but she's a bit of a gold digger and I told her I wasn't in the mood.
1 percent in September 2013 from just below 5 percent at end-2012, largely due to a weakening of the Gambian dalasi.
Although many of these establishments, offering decent world cuisine, are fair value for money by our standards, you'll be amazed how far your dalasi (the local currency) will go if you find out where the locals eat.
The problem is compounded by the fact that the value of the national currency, the dalasi, has plummeted alarmingly over the past year.
The deal along with other packages is reported to be worth D4 million dalasi.
The currencies to be replaced are: The Nigerian Naira, the Ghanaian Cedi, the Guinean Franc, the Sierra Leonean Leone and the Gambian Dalasi.
As a guide pounds 1 is worth around 50 dalasi (Nov 2006).