daisy wheel

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a wheel around which is a set of print characters that make a typing impression on paper

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To assist in distributing Daisy Wheels worldwide and to raise funds to support The Get In Touch Foundation, GUESS Watches has designed a 2014 "Sparkling Pink" Special Edition breast cancer watch that will be available around the world this Fall season; with a portion of the proceeds from each sale being donated directly to The Get In Touch Foundation.
You change elevation up front by depressing the spring-loaded blade with any highly specialized finger of your choice, then rotating the notched daisy wheel under it to move the blade higher or lower using any pointed thing that'll fit in the space (pen tip, tiny screwdriver, toothpick, etc.
The first daisy wheel typewriter was produced in 1894 yet not marvelled at until 1977 when it was incorporated into the first electronic machine - slowing the speed down.
A Nottingham hat-trick for Steve Cauthen begins on Daisy Wheel (Tony Hide) in the claimer.
WHEEL RESULTQ I GAVE the daisy wheel from my Amstrad 9512 word processor to my local stationers in an effort to get a replacement - but they lost it.