daisy cutter

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a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments

a batted or served ball that skims along close to the ground

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In Iraq, it could be used to clear minefields, as the Daisy Cutter was 12 years ago.
Mr Hoon dismissed suggestions that using BLU-82s - dubbed Daisy Cutters - would cause outrage if the war continued for a long time, stressing the bombs were being used only against military targets.
She and her fellow students put the first issue together, featuring articles on Huddersfield burlesque performer Daisy Cutter, Scottish supervixen Missy Malone and Leeds burlesque artist CeciliaGlitz Rouge, plus an interview with Yorkshire corset maker Helen Aveyard.
MOAB, also tagged "mother of all bombs", is more powerful than the previous biggest bomb, the 15,000lb BLU- 82 - or Daisy Cutter - used in Afghanistan.
However, he can occasionally be out ignominiously hit-wicket having taken a wild swipe at a daisy cutter.
Richards was robbed by Birmingham's new signing from Crewe and his pass set up Ndlovu to crack home a 20 yard daisy cutter which rocketed past Mike Stowell.
Known as the Daisy Cutter, the 15,000lb weapon creates a fireball that incinerates everything within 600 yards.
Four years ago, Hans Segers had to obligingly dive over a Graham Stuart daisy cutter to ensure their last-day survival.
Before the break Patterson's daisy cutter of a free brought the best from keeper Micheal Schlingermann who got down well to make the stop.
The All-Ireland champs hit Kerry for 1-3 in the opening ten minutes after a Leo McLoone point opened their account in the fourth minute Kerry's early misery continued when referee Derek Fahy pointed to the spot after Johnny Buckley foot-blocked Ross Wherity after just six minutes and Donegal captain Michael Murphy sent a daisy cutter low to the net.
STUDYING THE FORM McCoist watches his team win HEART OF THE ACTION A Naismith header, top, and a Jelavic daisy cutter gave Gers a 2-0 win
Alan Carey picked out O'Neill who dropped his right shoulder and drilled a daisy cutter to the bottom right corner of Ryan's net despite the 'keeper getting a hand to the ball.
City went close to regaining the lead again with 55 minutes gone when Kearney's daisy cutter sailed inches past the post.
Morrison scored with a daisy cutter to make it 5-0.