daisy chain

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(figurative) a series of associated things or people or experiences

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flower chain consisting of a string of daisies linked by their stems

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This year we are enjoying looking back on what has been achieved at Daisy Chain over the last 15 years and the impact the support has had on our families.
LITTLE PETALS: Singer puts daisy chain crown on Ava's head
Judith Haysmore, chief executive of Daisy Chain, said: "Events like the Lobster Charity Ball are hugely important for us as for every six pounds that's raised we are able to provide one hour of respite care for a child.
But since Fearne appeared in fashion magazines and wore their daisy chain headband they've been absolutely inundated.
It means business development manager for the casino, Cheryl Flowers, will be able to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, in Kenya, in aid of Daisy Chain.
Burgos reached out to Joe Cranston, the main link in this daisy chain.
Stuart Dexter, Daisy Chain chief executive, said: "We cannot thank players of People's Postcode Lottery enough.
Daisy Chain, based in Norton, was established in 2003 and provides a range of services including support and activity groups for families with autistic children.
The friendship with Max and his tense wife Anne continues but when Suzy's only valuable possession, a diamond daisy chain necklace, is stolen, her vision of life is shaken and she and Max have to confront their old love for each other.
All across the country, stunned mothers sat glued to their TV sets watching rerun after video rerun of scared, little children being led from the day care center in a daisy chain by their teachers.
Byline: Today's column is by Stuart Dexter, Daisy Chain Chief Executive
Since 2006, the Lobster Charity Ball has raised funds for a string of North East charities and this year's event on Friday April 26 at the Sedgefield hotel, all cash will go to Daisy Chain, which supports families affected by autism.
How could anyone see the image of those precious little children, walking hand in hand down the street with police officers in a daisy chain to safety, and ever contemplate such violence or understand someone who could unleash an automatic weapon on a roomful of innocents?
This month has seen us host our final Friends of Daisy Chain meeting of the year, where 40 local business people came together at Rockliffe Hall to hear how the local business community has supported our work.
By implementing an enhanced daisy chain capability, the new DM1000E enables BridgeCo enabled devices to be linked together seamlessly, mixing channels from multiple systems together, utilizing the full bus bandwidth for maximum channel count.