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any of numerous composite plants having flower heads with well-developed ray flowers usually arranged in a single whorl

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And at this time of year many daisies, such as dahlias, chrysanthemums and heleniums, play an important role in our gardens providing late summer blossoms right through to early autumn.
Now community members can enjoy the beautiful daisies that represent a vital piece of Clarendon Hills history.
One in every 10 plants on the planet belongs to this family and you'll find daisies in every imaginable habitat, from tropical forest to alpine mountainside.
Michaelmas daisies belong to this group, Aster novae-angliae ( from New England) and Aster novae-belgii (New York was called New Belgium) are good examples.
For years, marguerite daisies have been noted for their mounds of hundreds of daisies in white, sulfur yellow or pink.
NEW YORK-Roses are red, violets are blue, and in this fall's new rugs, daisies are popping up in almost every hue.
Each nominated nurse has the chance to receive a bouquet of fresh daisies, dinner for two at a local restaurant, a relaxing massage at a local spa and a personalized congratulatory certificate.
Add a thick stem on each side and then draw two daisies underneath.
Daisy gardens would be a good choice as there is a wide range of daisy-flower plants from tall sunflowers to shrubby euonymus to colorful chrysanthemums to bright Gerbera daisies to tiny Bellis daisies.
SANTA CLARITA - The family compositae is filled with the many-rayed flowers we know as daisies.
Spring hasn't sprung until you can set your foot on 12 daisies.
SHASTA DAISIES, dusty millers, marguerites and pompons have distinctively different looks - but when it comes to their family heritage, 'mum's the word.
The rare roses look like they've been dipped in paint, gerbera daisies are saucer-sized, and lilies in pink, white and orange waft their intoxicating fragrance throughout the building.