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Synonyms for dairyman

the owner or manager of a dairy

a man who works in a dairy

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And for more on Doddington Dairy, see our fantastic Dairyman supplement, free with this issue
LANCASTER - Self-taught artist Jane Pinheiro spent nearly 35 years painting and drawing the desert wildflowers of the Antelope Valley, where she came in 1941 with her dairyman husband.
The story which centres around Tevye, a dairyman, shows his struggle to hold on to tradition as the world around him changes.
Chevington, a soft mould ripened cheese made with rich Jersey milk, was created in the 1880s by dairyman John Annett but was only made for a few years - it was revived earlier this year.
The others are North Ceredigion farmer Philip Palmer Morgan of Bryngwyn Farm near Llanon and Pembrokeshire dairyman John Weston-Arnold of Trellyffaint Farm near Nevern.
Gone are the days when a dairyman could create his financial statement on a napkin as he lunched with his contemporaries at the local eatery.
RETIRED DAIRYMAN Walt Staal of Elmira holds one of his prized gamecocks.
Co-owner Stuart Osha, a sixth-generation Vermont dairyman, is available to show off his farm's rare old breeds that range from Plymouth Barred Rock chickens and Horned Dorset sheep to Brown Swiss and Lineback cows.
Sadly, they refused to accept evidence of a link with increased mastitis, infertility and lameness in cattle, which no dairyman can afford.
This concept has been five years in the making and we feel that we have created a system that a dairyman can appreciate, regulators can approve and an end-user can depend on," explains Russ Davis, President of Organix.
publisher of Hoard's Dairyman magazine, acquires certain intellectual property assets of Hay & Forage Groiver, including its database.
Daniela Trpcevksa writes for Tuesday's Utrinski vesnik that the case with dairyman Dusko Ilievski is used by political parties for throwing poisonous arrows one after another.
Carmelo was named World Dairy Expo's Dairyman of the Year in 2003, and received the National Council of Farmer Cooperative's National Cooperative Statesman Award in 1999; USDA Soil Conservation Service presented him the Conservationist of the Year Award in 1996.
I mentioned that I always wanted to play Fruma Sarah, the ghost who haunts Tevye, the dairyman, in his dreams, and I sang a few bars of her part for him.
While researching my family history I discovered that in 1907 an aunt had married a dairyman from Smithdown Road whose father's occupation was given as cowkeeper.