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a woman who works in a dairy

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The farm of Drynoch was a large sheep farm, over 10,000, also black cattle, pretty Ayreshires for the dairy, and nine dairymaids to make butter and cheese .
Theatre After appearing in Liverpool concerts, she played in many touring shows including The Dairymaids and Little Miss Ragtime.
Toward the end of the 18 th century, the English physician Edward Jenner set about investigating the truth of the folk wisdom that people such as dairymaids who contracted cowpox thereby gained immunity from smallpox, a much more serious disease.
Whose wide domains thy servant sees, The house of cultured beauty, leisured grace, The village children being taught their place, The slinking parson bowing at the knees, The parish 'tawaks' tinkling in the breeze, The screams of Kayan dairymaids at play, The rustic burring of bazaar Malay, The scented blossom of the durian trees.
Investigating this boast further, Jenner discovered that it was common knowledge among the local farming community that dairymaids who had been infected with cowpox became immune to smallpox, a disease which periodically ravaged Gloucestershire.
It was almost seventy years later that Edward Jenner noticed the pearly skin of a dairy maid and prepared a report of seventy pages claiming the pastoral activities of dairymaids, paupers, manservants brought them in touch with cows and cowpox, and thus made them immune to smallpox.
He would appear abruptly in certain lanes and fields - greeting labourers, posing questions and bothering dairymaids - before vanishing completely with neither trace nor explanation.
Glynne began her career in 1908 on stage in a play called The Dairymaids at the Princes Theatre in Manchester.
About four-and-a half years ago, Schechter launched Houston Dairymaids, an artisan cheese purveyor, and started selling local and regional cheeses at area farmers markets.
Cows are decorated and paraded through the dry Govic waterfall, joined by herdsmen, dairymaids and cheese makers.
Looking in detail at the scene where Tess and other dairymaids on their way to church are forced to halt because of a large pool of water in the road, he shows that Tess can never leave the entangled bank, which reflects "evolutionary complexity" and the "chaos of the human condition" (102).
Blacksmiths, farriers, wheelwrights, dairymaids and farm staff can be seen in action on most days and there are special events.
Their aim was to enter the house, chase the parlourmaids or the dairymaids around the parlour, sup some ale and leave
The references to dairymaids and hens make this process sound far more homely and comfortable than it would have been.
Farmwomen and dairymaids often molded butter into decorative shapes--the many butter molds that survive from the period are evidence of that--but Brooks did not mold her images, she sculpted them.