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a woman who works in a dairy

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Made in small batches, product offerings support local producers including American Tuna, Atkinson Farming, Dustin's Eggs, Grateful Bread, Tea Together and Texas Dairymaids.
Cows are decorated and paraded through the dry Govic waterfall, joined by herdsmen, dairymaids and cheese makers.
Blacksmiths, farriers, wheelwrights, dairymaids and farm staff can be seen in action on most days and there are special events.
Their aim was to enter the house, chase the parlourmaids or the dairymaids around the parlour, sup some ale and leave
The references to dairymaids and hens make this process sound far more homely and comfortable than it would have been.
Michaelmas will be celebrated the Tudor way this weekend with blacksmiths, dairymaids, pedlars selling their wares and Elizabethan gentry strutting their stuff.
When a cow is lost, the dairymaids linger behind, because they do not have alternative opportunities in the labour market.
It fact, it was a common belief that dairymaids were in some way protected from smallpox.
This story is part of a yet to be published collection titled Schlemiels, Schlemazels, Dairymaids, and Gypsies.
It made the life and lore of cowherds and dairymaids, typically portrayed as being of bucolic innocence and ignorance, into the saviors of the lives of their social superiors.
In 1796, English physician Edward Jenner noticed that dairymaids who caught cowpox -- a similar disease found in cows -- did not develop the more disfiguring, deadly smallpox.
During the 1870s it barely survived the arrival of factory-style production as more and more small farmers s ent their milk to industrial creameries and dairymaids became redundant.
Dr Jenner discovered vaccination after noticing Gloucestershire dairymaids appeared to be immune to smallpox.