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a woman who works in a dairy

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107) True, even here one could come up against a sort of "glass ceiling": Ksenia Makovetskaia was awarded multiple prizes as a top dairymaid and traveled in this capacity to the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh) in Moscow.
Humour comes from Steven Meo as Nogood Boyo and Willy Nilly, and more pathos from Sara Harris-Davies as Bessie Bighead, the unloved dairymaid.
Sometimes during the 1770s, he heard a dairymaid boasting as follows: "I shall never have smallpox for I have had cowpox.
Compared to the broken pustules oozing bodily fluids in smallpox cases, the beautiful dairymaid, Nelmes, was only slightly affected by smallpox.
If Hauptmann's text did not violate fairy tale conventions so egregiously, but maintained its diction and narrative style throughout, she might have recognized in the railroader and his dairymaid wife the modern incarnations of any number of fairy tale parents.
On Monday 21 January 1889 at the Opera Comique (East Strand) she played Rosie the dairymaid in Mrs Oscar Beringer's play Tares.
Lee saves transformed lovers, as predicted July Harefield, Sir --Joan the Nichols, 1602 M'sex Thomas Dairymaid Vol.
The Warwickshire site is also offering daily activities throughout the school summer holidays with Tudor Housework on Mondays, Churned Tuesdays following the work of a Tudor dairymaid, a look at spinning and weaving in Woolly Wednesdays, Sugar, Spice And All Things Tudor on Thursdays, bread baking on Fridays and Quill , Parchment And Tudor Ink every Saturday.
Stern faces look out at the world from large-format photographs: a resistance fighter, a dairymaid, a worker--proud, surprised by the camera.
Typical examples--all of it in butter--included a dairymaid milking a cow from Washington State, a cornucopia from Nebraska, and from Kansas, a miniature model of the new agricultural college sat next to another grouping of a woman using a cream separator while an overturned, old-fashioned churn lay at her feet.
Brigid of Ireland, powerful abbess and second only to Patrick in Irish acclaim, is still portrayed accompanied by a cow, in acknowledgment of her girlhood as a dairymaid.
Once to each period of his inglorious history, one of us appears with the stature of a giant, suddenly and without warning in the middle of a nation as a dairymaid enters a buttery, and with his sword for paddle he heaps and pounds and sfiffens the malleable mass and even holds it cohered and purposeful for a time.
Weird and wonderful lots include Lot 724 "A small collection of glass eyes and a black eye patch, pounds 100-150", Lot 1716 "The Dairymaid, a full-sized mannequin in white apron, pounds 60-80" and Lot 1710 "A Liliput cheese press by Carson & Toone, Warminster, pounds 100-150".
While working for his BSc, Hudson began courting the dairymaid Gretta Heath.
As a dairymaid or "field-woman," she is "a portion of the field" (124).