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Dairy herd 1 consisted of 58 dairy cattle [greater than or equal to] 2 years of age and 40 young stock <2 years of age.
During his time in 4-H, Cody said, he's traveled extensively across the country, and has shown dairy cattle at the Eastern States Exposition.
Categories of Traits Included in USDA's Lifetime Merit Index for Dairy Cattle Protein yield Fat yield Milk yield Productive Life (longevity) Somatic cell score (mastitis resistance) Udder conformation Feet/legs conformation Body size Daughter pregnancy rate Calving ability (calving ease and stillbirth rate)
Wright previously sent a total of 150 head of dairy cattle to Cuba in Aug.
Burke Dairy Cattle Championship - Winners - Smiddiehill Holsteins, Albrighton, Shropshire and Riverdane & Copywood Holsteins, Middlewich, Cheshire.
5 million, but dairy cattle numbers increased by 39% from 3.
GE food giant Monsanto Corporation developed the drug to increase milk production in dairy cattle.
The climate of both the two countries is very good for the cultivation of dairy cattle and its seedlings, and so is the management applied by them.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists have lab-tested a cheap method for killing pathogenic bacteria in dairy cattle manure.
The January, 1998 Agreement preceded Infigen's becoming the first company in the world to clone several herds of transgenic dairy cattle that are producing commercial quantities of several therapeutic human proteins.
If the cull has been split pro rata between beef and dairy cattle (probably a conservative assumption as the main disease areas are mainly dairying), then this would be equivalent to the loss of dairy cows producing around 560 million litres of milk a year.
On Oaklands Park Farm, Glos, last week, 100 sheep, 30 lambs and 60 dairy cattle were saved.
Dairy and beef farmer John Brindley, who owns Lower Farm, watched as MAFF slaughtermen killed all his dairy cattle and dumped their carcasses into the back of a lorry.
PETA says the objective is to end endemic animal cruelty in the dairy cattle industry.