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a farm where dairy products are produced


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Young handlers Christie Baker, Alun Rees and Fflur Davies with the winning British Holstein, British Friesian and <BJersey calves which respectively earned the top three places at the South Wales (All Breeds) Dairy calf Show
Getting a dairy calf or two can be an inexpensive way to get into oxen.
The project has catalyzed the development of numerous additional projects, including a large-scale dairy (4,000 cows) and several other smaller (1,000 cows) dairies and dairy calf feedlots.
Since IDairy was established, more than 30,000 dairy producers have registered their premises under the NAIS, but as many as 35,000 commercial dairy farms and dairy calf and heifer-grower operations are yet to be registered.
Our efforts to control flies included developing baits, lures, and traps, testing environmentally safe insecticides, testing parasitic wasps that prey on fly pupae, and developing dairy calf bedding materials that don't support flies," says Dora K.
The animals' arrival closely follows that of Cupid, a newborn male dairy calf who fell from a slaughter-bound truck in Merced County about two weeks ago.
Dairy calf registrations in Wales bucked the trend, increasing by 2% at nearly 135,000.
Although there was a marginal rise in calf registrations last year, the relatively high cereal prices for most of 2011 impacted on demand and the number of registered male dairy calf births were lower.
For comparison, the US Dairy Calf and Heifer Association (2009) present "gold standards" for dairy farms in the US, namely less than 8% mortality from birth to 6 months.
In an effort to create a unique brand experience for its customers, the Pfizer Animal Health marketing team ideated a one-of-its-kind promotion to visually demonstrate the benefits of one of its top performers in the dairy calf and heifer product market, DRAXXIN (tulathromycin) Injectable Solution, and coined the promotion "DRAXXIN Goes to Work.
The 360[degrees] Sustainable Dairy Calf Scheme, which has been set up to save bull dairy calves from being shot at birth or exported for veal, has the potential to accommodate all 20,000 calves born on Asda's DairyLink farms, which represents 8% of its total buy.
Store cattle and dairy calf transfers should be made easier by allowing farmers to exchange smaller batches of animals, he said.