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a farm where dairy products are produced


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By the by, I've never seen your dairy: I must see your dairy, Mrs.
Poyser said blushing, and believing that the captain was really interested in her milk-pans, and would adjust his opinion of her to the appearance of her dairy.
There're plenty of reasons to feel good about the dairy industry in 2006.
Only three small published studies have found greater weight loss in people who were told to cut calories and eat dairy foods, and all were done by one researcher with a patent on the claim.
Many people avoid dairy products; some common reasons are an inability to digest dairy products (also called lactose intolerance), an allergy to animal milk protein, and personal choice.
DIAMOND BAR - Increasing composting or changing the diet of dairy animals may be ways to limit the amount of air pollution the dairy herds of the Chino Valley produce every year, a South Coast Air Quality Management District official said Wednesday.
You now eschew all animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs and honey; that knocks even the angel food cake, which is 99 percent egg whites, right off your list.
District Judge David Doty struck a blow for dairy sanity by declaring aspects of the price control system "arbitrary and capricious.
Vic Fremlin in Trust has applied to the dairy inspection branch of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food for a license to operate Lock City Dairy.
A study suggests that some women eating yogurt and other dairy products may face an increased risk of ovarian cancer, adding another link between diet and malignancies.
com's chief executive officer, Scott Sexton, credits its loyal customer base and responsiveness to the evolving dairy supply chain with the company's 138% revenue growth.
John Rozum, sales manager at World Dairy Expo, was unable to attend this year's National Agri-Marketing Association convention in Phoenix this past April, but was a subscriber to AgWired, a blog that covered the conference.
Ingredients change frequently, and egg and dairy products can be masked by other ingredients, such as "natural flavors.
These unique restrictions are defended by our dairy interests as ``higher standards'' intended to benefit milk drinkers, particularly by increasing calcium consumption.
If you've steered your shopping cart down a dairy aisle lately, you've noticed that certified-organic milk products are now as common as, well, cows.