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an evil supernatural being

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The poem intermixes amor and Amor, an abstraction and a daimon.
The person with a habit is, indeed, possessed, driven in many respects by the energy of a daimon toward the specific objects around which it has been formed.
Here at the brink of military disaster (416 BCE), when Alcibiades has enthralled Athens to his will, his barbed reminiscences reflect boyish hurt at Socrates' role as daimon, facilitator, dispassionate "midwife of ideas.
3 concerning exile of one of the Blessed gods from his heavenly abode to the form of a daimon should not be corrected to read phonoi, which connotes pollution of the gods by blood-sacrifice, but rather phobo as designating the daimon in exile, since the Blessed cannot be polluted in their heavenly abode.
RSMeans 2010 cost-data solutions offer the most comprehensive cost information available," said Daimon Bridge, Reed Construction Data's Director of Cost and Analytic Products.
2) Address of Headquarters: 13-9, Shiba Daimon 1-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
and his wife, Yvonne Corridori of Auburn; two daughters, Sandra, wife of Anthony DiReda of Shrewsbury and Susan, wife of Dan Rivelli of Oxford; 8 grandchildren, Stefanie and Michael DiReda, Nicholas and Adam Rivelli, Ashley and Rebecca Corridori, Cristi Navickas and Jennifer Sullivan; two great-grandchildren Aiden Navickas and Daimon Sullivan; and many nephews and nieces.
Walton traces the English translations of turranos and daimon in Sophocles' Oedipus from the eighteenth century to the twentieth and demonstrates quite convincingly that the choices betray each generations changing views on power and religion.
Diotima, by contrast, insists that love is not a god but a daimon, because while a god is in possession of all good things, a daimon, in-between the mortal and divine realms, is in-between possession and sheer emptiness (201e-202e).
underline here, however, that the term daimon does not carry only the
An alcoholic lather who is 'beside himself' with rage is possessed by a daimon.
According to Jiang Xiangnan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: "What spirit is the daimon of the Supreme One?
Insp Daimon Tilley, Leicester centre policing commander said: "The idea of the music came from an American professor of psychology.
Katsuhiro Sawada is suspected of breaking into the house of Masashi Nagahara, 25, in the town of Daimon in the prefecture on the night of Jan.