daily variation

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fluctuations that occur between one day and the next

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On the one hand, regarding the daily variations, the temporal variations will be due to the ionospheric interaction with the surface fields (by the anomalies and not a global field).
How much daily variation exists in work-to-family conflict, work-to-family facilitation, job demands, job skill level, and job control?
However, daily variation in output per female was greater than daily variation in the percentage of females spawning: mean levels of variation (percent deviation from the median) were 36.
For swaps dealers and end users, Tabb says there's a need to invest in technology, managing the complexities arising from mandatory initial margin and multiple daily variation margin calls, ensuring that they can manage this complicated process in a timely, cost-efficient manner.
The pressure data show a very significant daily variation of pressure, following a fairly consistent cycle from sol-to-sol.
Although such daily variation is acceptable, major dosing adjustments should only be made at 4-6 week intervals.
Though the changes reflect the intensity of a swim somewhat, Levesque traced most of the average daily variation to differences in the amount of chloroform in the pool and the air above it.
AKB-6548 is designed to moderately increase EPO levels and closely mimic the natural daily variation of EPO levels.
Daily variation of particulate air pollution and poor cardiac autonomic control in the elderly.
Besides verifying their initial results, which suggest that Titan has an icy surface similar to Jupiter's moon Callisto, the scientists detected a puzzling daily variation in the intensity of the radar echoes they received.
The introduction of Variable Cost Index Flight Planning to ensure aircraft operate at optimal speed, based on daily variation in wind, temperature and weight - maximizing efficiency and reducing fuel burn and emissions.
The GBPUSD reaction was relatively subdued and with a solid support level below and declining daily variation it may offer the best opportunity in the current market environment.
For example, they found that the typical daily variation in Neptune's visible-light intensity doubled in 1986.
Since the stocks quoted on the S&P 500 come from firms widely differentiated by activity and geography, it is unlikely that daily variations in the fundamentals that determine the fair value of those firms correlate with daily variations in air quality in the vicinity of Wall Street.
Therefore, we examined the effect of three daily variable temperatures on the expression of several life-history traits in four tropical anuran species from Colombia, Rhinella humboldti, Hypsiboas crepitans, Engystomops pustulosus and Espadarana prosoblepon, that inhabit water bodies susceptible to large daily variations in the thennal environment.