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any of several plants of or developed from the species Dahlia pinnata having tuberous roots and showy rayed variously colored flower heads

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The Capital Appeal seemed the perfect thing to support once the dahlia was ready for sale.
Gordon had produced a new dahlia variety which was put through trials at the Halls of Heddon nursery.
The Black Dahlia Murder has established a reputation over the last decade as one of the most prominent bands to fuse melodic death metal with metalcore.
Accordingly, I would always take an interest in the Yacowlef result, while recognising there would inevitably be good and bad years, so in 1972 I took note of the fact that it was won by Dahlia, a first-crop daughter of Vaguely Noble, and kept it in mind to follow her progress.
Above Suspicion: The Red Dahlia, has been adapted by Lynda La Plante from her successful second novel about rookie detective, Anna Travis, played by Kelly Reilly.
The classic border dahlia is the Bishop of Llandaff, with scarlet, semi-double flowers branching from deeply cut and dark purple leaves.
Dahlia shares some of her plight in the opening line: "There was a tornado watch issued for the entire state of Texas the day my mama went crazy" Everyone seems to know the truth but Dahlia.
I was rooting for Hilary Swank in ``The Black Dahlia.
The 21-year-old wore a vintage silk gown for the world premiere of her new film, The Black Dahlia, in Venice.
The dahlia must be one of the great institutions of the British garden - and rightly so.
There are, unbelievably, now 20,000 dahlia cultivars, and the numbers are growing.
If all this sounds too much for you, you could try Dahlia merckii, which is a very attractive hardy dahlia with delicate pink flowers atop tall stems, and this can be left in the ground with a nice dollop of mulch.