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a photograph made by an early photographic process

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In 1851, the advent of the wet-collodion glass plate negative process merged the fine detail of the daguerreotype with the calotype's potential for mass-production.
Even so, the work of the daguerreotype in translating the natural scene into a work of culture is unmistakable, and not entirely reducible to precedent.
My Daguerreotype Boyfriend mydaguerreotypeboyfriend.
The next speaker was Lynn Bell who brought in some old daguerreotype photos showing people from a wide range of social classes, which included young lads under five in their "dresses.
In its first incarnation, in the mid-19th century, the daguerreotype was a one-off photograph made on a metallic plate.
Landscapes include stone animals, a large junk sailing ship on the South China Sea, the Great Sacrifice Hall containing Ming tombs and a chapel destroyed by rioters Thomson (1837-1921) was born in Edinburgh two years before the invention of the daguerreotype which marked the beginning of photography.
Whitman designed the frontispiece for the first (1855) and second (1856) editions himself, which featured an engraving of a daguerreotype adorned with additional shading.
Rare photographs show a daguerreotype of Frederick Douglass in profile and the Fisk Jubilee Singers, circa 1880.
Camera; a history of photography from daguerreotype to digital.
A sampling: aesthetic perception in Jacob Burckhardt's writings, American daguerreotype views, aerial views and panoramas, construction photography in the service of international public relations (French connections), photographing urban spaces (Berlin as example), Spanish architecture seen by foreign photographers, and Ernst Ohlmer's 1873 photos of the European-style palaces in the Yuanmingyuan.
Blackwell's vision is a daguerreotype of pop culture, because notables such as Napoleon, Da Vinci, and the Marx Brothers show up, yet the more heroic figures here are those who normally serve only as backdrop to the extremely famous, like Harriet and Rondo Keith Hatton, a two-bit actor who wanted to bring the story of the Elephant Man to the screen, mostly because he suffered from the same disability as Mr.
Early photographs include an 1843 daguerreotype of a veiled Egyptian woman and an 1853 image by British photographer Roger Fenton entitled Pasha and Bedouin.
Visitors will be able to view, for example, letters penned by George Washington, a copy of the Declaration of Independence in the handwriting of Thomas Jefferson, and ambrotype and daguerreotype images of Abraham Lincoln.
Poets, in turn, for centuries captivated by the arts of sculpture, music, architecture, and painting, found a new muse in photography when the daguerreotype was first introduced in 1839.
For example, a cyanotype made by botanist Anna Atkins while she was studying flora in Ceylon in 1850 was exhibited next to a salt print of the Arch of Titus made the same year by Giacomo Caneva, while an encased daguerreotype portrait of three men from 1850 by an unknown artist stood near a large-format photogravure of Alfred Stieglitz's The Steerage, taken in 1907 but printed in 1912, and a light drawing made by Barbara Morgan in 1940 hung next to a brightly-colored abstract dye-transfer drawing made by Clarence John Laughlin in 1944.