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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent

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Does free America want to enfranchise any more dagoes and hybrids?
The Prince learned how to use his pitchfork "on Chinees and Dagoes and Polynesians, until his arms would get strong enough to handle his share of white folks" (871), but Flem, descendant of the marble faun, is neither and both white and nonwhite and wields both identities to achieve his imperial goals.
over the knives of sly Dagoes or the secret weapons of guttural Huns.
Partic'ly all them dagoes we meet abroad, wiv their slitty eyes and pot-bellies an' everyfink.
The Polacks and Dagoes and niggers are the same, only the niggers are the lowest.
I mean visibility of an order, I suppose, that allows a bomber squadron commander to make his nth raid and say on the radio: "Just watch those bombs fall; they don't have any anti-air artillery, and the fools aren't ashamed they're: reds, Arabs, Jews, Japs, separatists, wogs, drug addicts, dagoes, queers.