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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent

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Dago Hernando Bedoya Ortiz, Ingeniero de Sistemas, Universidad Antonio Narino.
In the February 4, 1932, Sporting News feature story mentioned earlier, Harry Brundige wrote: "Let's take a long look into the past of 'The Dashing Dago.
She is such a little kewpie-doll, nothing like her dago sisters, they noisily observe, but what are those dimples all over her chin?
The two maiden stayers contests were landed in lastto-first fashion by Dat Culprit Dago (7-4JF) and Emporio Royale (4-1), with the former thrilling the Bank Holiday crowd with his `Scurlogue'type finish, having been tailed off in the early part of the race.
Roger Sabin has recently argued that the claims of the affinity between punks and skinheads and blacks in Britain have been overstated; Roger Sabin, "'I Won't Let That Dago By': Rethinking Punk and Racism," in Roger Sabin ed.
Fiorello's peers taunted him with the cries, "Fiorello you're a dago, where's your monkey" (191)?
Their huge, ironwood canoes, called pirogues, have a variety of odd names, from Dago Babe, to Sea Hen and Wonderful Jesus.
A pyrotechnist designs various kinds of dago bombs, submits designs to factories for manufacture, negotiates with sponsors of large fireworks exhibits, and directs and executes pyrotechnic displays.
The ambient sporting life of 1930s New York is itself a nice story, full of Guys and Dolls characters--prizefighters, jockeys, ballplayers; Broadway showgirls; politicians like La Guardia, columnists like Walter Winchell and Sidney Skolsky; small-time hoods like Jimmy "Peanuts" Ceres, who drove DiMaggio around, and some big-time ones as well, Ruggiero "Richie the Boot" Boiardo, Joe Adonis, Abner "Longy" Zwillman, "who put the 'organized' in organized crime"; Toots Shor himself, who loved the Dago and would later be spurned by him, as would so many other onetime friends.
The red and yellow Dago Red outpaced the competition to claim the Unlimited Championship at the Reno Air Races.
In the darkness every man's blood runs the same color--a dago the same as a nigger the same as a Polack.
I hear him say: What's with the dago queen overthere?
But they don't include "honky," which many blacks call whites, or dago, wop, heeb, kike, mick, herring-chocker, frog, kraut, bohunk, or polack.