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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent

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For example, Truman's simplistic repudiation of the "Totalitarian State be it Russian, German, Spanish, Argentinian, Dago, or Japanese" (p.
Hapoel Tel-Aviv: Elimelech, Bondar, Doani, Antebi, Badir, Dago (De Bruno 46), Abuksis (Vermot 65), Wellington (Jolic 80), Toama, Ogbona, Barda.
Representative men, without names but for Paddy, Dago, Gook, so the foreman calls them, shotgun slung behind his back as he rides towards the Iron Horse somewhere deep in the continent.
If I ever hear nigger or dago or kike or anything like that around here, regardless of who you are, you're through with me," Lombardi warned.
The two maiden stayers contests were landed in lastto-first fashion by Dat Culprit Dago (7-4JF) and Emporio Royale (4-1), with the former thrilling the Bank Holiday crowd with his `Scurlogue'type finish, having been tailed off in the early part of the race.
Roger Sabin has recently argued that the claims of the affinity between punks and skinheads and blacks in Britain have been overstated; Roger Sabin, "'I Won't Let That Dago By': Rethinking Punk and Racism," in Roger Sabin ed.
Group-directed slurs (dyke, queer, fag) place lesbians and gay men in a significant social category along with blacks (nigger, shine, shitskin), other racial groups (chink), women (cunt, gash), various ethnic groups (wop, dago, gook, jap, JAP, mick, kike), religious groups (kike, papist, christer), native peoples (redskin, injun, eskimo), non-native peoples (kike, gypsy), and the physically challenged (crip, gimp, veg, vegetable, crispy critter).
This government circular signed by the Home Minister Dago Thsering on August 17, 1990 was a catalyst in dividing Bhutanese citizens into two separate ethnic categories belonging to southern and northern Bhutan.
Like Murray, Ler oy was first drawn to resurrect an old fantasy through vicarious association produced by "fixing his eyes on Angelo," initially identifying with Angelo's sexual mastery of women and then, unable to "recognize his like" in "the dago," is displaced in his own fantasy.
A pyrotechnist designs various kinds of dago bombs, submits designs to factories for manufacture, negotiates with sponsors of large fireworks exhibits, and directs and executes pyrotechnic displays.
The red and yellow Dago Red outpaced the competition to claim the Unlimited Championship at the Reno Air Races.
This incident took place at around 9 am in the Dago area of district, where a police vehicle struck the roadside bomb, border police spokesman, Idress Momand, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
SPRINGFIELD - Springfield police are crediting the newest member of its K9 unit, Dago, in helping to catch a man accused of stealing property from a vehicle.