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a removable centerboard on a small sailboat that can be lowered into the water to serve as a keel

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The daggerboard of the Mollymawk broke during training earlier this month.
A statement from race organisers said: "For two of the boats (the other being Jacques Dewez of France in Blue Shadow) the race has come to an end with early retirements from one of the favourites, Ross Hobson, whose trimaran Mollymawk suffered a broken daggerboard.
Navigator Jeff Cuzon checked the depth and said we must tack but these boats take a long time to turn so we damaged the daggerboard before the race started.
When we were discussing it, we knew straight away that we needed a forward daggerboard (to further reduce leeway) and we had to revise how we sailed the boat when the breeze dropped.
The daggerboard modifications worked well--she's fully ready for Hobart--the race was a good test for the boat and crew," he said.
Richards said they were very happy with the modifications made to the boat, "The new daggerboard worked well," he said.
First, it has a central daggerboard under the mast (which should aid tacking) as well as two dagger boards (curved for lift) in each ama (outer hull).
Appendages: Maximum of two rudders and two daggerboards
84 -metre daggerboards, which look more inboard than Comanche and angled, to create lift as well as reduce leeway.
The hulls are resin infused, carbon/e-glass hybrid construction with foam core and are held together with carbon crossbeams, and for upwind performance daggerboards are used.
The innovation adds to Wild Oats XI's blade armoury of rudder, canting keel, two retractable daggerboards and a retractable forward foil, which it uses in light, upwind work with the daggerboards retracted.