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As advanced successive stage, it can be enriched with species of forest value such as cedar, mahogany, yarua, baria, jocuma, bijaguara and dagame, among others.
As spread tree species there can be observed: moruro rojo (I, AC 1), cupey (Clusia rosea, I, AC 1), dagame (I, AC 1), Thouinia sp.
1 III myricoides Herbaceous layer Olyra latifolia -- 1 V Oeceoclades maculata -- 1 IV Urochloa humidicola -- 1 III Zapoteca gracilis -- 1 III Rivina humilis -- 1 III Lianas Serjania diversifolia -- 1 V Gouania lupuloides var lupuloides -- 1 V Pisonia aculeata -- 1 V Stigmaphyllon sagreanum -- 1 V Epiphytes Tillandsia recurvata -- 1 V Scattered species in the canopy layer: yaicuaje (Exothea paniculata), yaba (Geoffroea inermis), dagame (Calycophyllum candidissimun), carbonero (Collubrina reclinata), almendrillo (Prunus myrtifolia), jaguey macho (Ficus membranacea), ayua (Zanthoxylum martinicensis), roble blanco (Tabebuia angustata) and ceiba (Ceiba pentandra).