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Synonyms for dag

Synonyms for dag

a flap along the edge of a garment


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It can also be seen in the video that Dag was trying to latch on to something to stop his fall, but in vain.
01) were observed among safflower genotypes for net assimilation rate (NAR) from 21 DAG till maturity (Table 1).
To test if the morphological effects were due to DAG depletion, we pre-incubated eggs with 1,3 DAG carried in small unilamellar vesicles (SUVs), which are fusigenic.
After four years of working with DAG, Yusuf commented on a marked difference in this trend at her school.
Earlier, in April, Awan had dismissed another DAG, Shah Khawar, an old Pakistan People's Party (PPP) loyalist for not receiving him at the Supreme Court gate.
In the tracer gas technique, the concentration of the tracer gas can be sampled simultaneously and continuously at several points along the lengths of the zones, DAG and RAG.
DAG is a diversified international conglomerate that has been consistently named among the top five Saudi companies for the past 10 years.
It is still developing Burun, the biggest set of fields in the Nebit Dag area.
Courage of faith; Dag Hammarskjold's way in quest of negotiated peace, reconciliation and meaning.
GVA Williams announced that it has completed the sale of approximately 14,700 s/f office condominium at 3 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, located at 305 East 47th Street in the United Nations district.
DAG represents a network of voluntary and community groups in the city and chairman Bob Wright said the difficulties with wheelchairs was a continuing issue for the group.
The new DAG describes 16 "generic systems engineering processes.
DAG doesn't boost metabolic rate, so if the body doesn't store Enova in fat cells, it's going to store something else instead.
The Friction Fighter selection guide features Emralon, Dag and Molydag products.