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informal terms for insanity

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It needs more daftness and comic violence and far less romance and sentimental scenes of family life.
Backstage info: This features daring deeds, daftness, duels and a genuine homegrown hero in green tights.
Various horses have completed the Grand National-Scottish Grand National double, but only Red Rum managed the feat in the same season when triumphing in both races in 1974 All mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a 2,000 Guineas winner of recent years whose Newmarket victory proved his swansong after a career-ending injury To phoniest daftness (18) Answer on page 24 Compiled by Steve Dennis and David Dew
AS I was away last week I missed most of the hullabaloo around the Leahy-Heseltine Report, let's put the Scouser first, but it had some good points, along with the usual daftness that has to go in to get folk talking.
Almond is an original and distinctive writer, slightly mad in the best of ways, but then, as Mina would say, 'What's a world without daftness in it?
Prices of good rust-free original 2CVs have gone mental recently, because of their charm, economy and daftness.
There is a huge amount of misinformation and downright daftness about soya," says Dr Justine Butler, senior nutritionist at the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation.
Recently it has been the daftness of the medical training scheme, the threatened closure of maternity and A & E departments and the threat of expensive health service reorganisations based on advice from a pioneering, narrow interest academic.
story proposing The shortage of hard news leads to a shift towards stories of daftness to fill column inches.
However, they were almost outshone by their spies, Sam Harrison and Scott Paige, who embody the over-the-top, tongue-incheek, delightful daftness of the piece.
After covering weighty issues like death, love and religion, he's in a more frivolous mood with this show about daftness and jumping up and down on a sofa.
will get his meal Delightfully funny, with a repeated refrain that readers and little ones will love to shout out loud, this is a book with super comic timing and lashings of daftness that will make everyone hoot with laughter.
While the text glories in the sound and sheer daftness of the names of the swamp-dwellers, the pictured world is displayed in expressionist style with a loaded brush sploshing and splashing, swooping and swirling, creating gorgeous textures and rainbows of colour; images are braced by grainy pencil lines.
Children will undoubtedly adore the sheer daftness of the story, as well as the inevitable wind and warty bottom jokes.
The story verges on daftness but that doesn't matter at all.