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Synonyms for daftly

in a mildly insane manner

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Come to think of it, the whole film yells at you daftly from the screen.
Letters are welcome, but may be edited for daftly and space.
Humorist Beth Birnbaum wryly prods Christian authors and entrepreneurs who deftly, if daftly, co-opt popular cartoon characters--even the Simpsons--to promote religious messages.
Lichtenstein here was not relying on elements of his style to provide a signature, crutch, or shtick, but instead daftly and sensibly employing them as tools in elegant, playful abstractions.
Daftly subtitled "Confronting Jewish Self-Hatred" (next week: Macbeth: Confronting Regicide), it comes freeze-dried with its own scholarly responses--a series of appended essays, including one by a professor of rabbinism.
Given its language-simultaneously broad yet vague - the majority decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy leaves open the possibility that the Court will have to daftly its position on gay rights at some future point.
The speech is a daftly lurching soliloquy ("The world must be peopled
VIC REEVES and Bob Mortimer's daftly surreal sitcom House of Fools may have split opinion when it first appeared at the beginning of the year, but it was worth watching for Matt Berry alone.
It's called, rather daftly, a Sport Tourer but it's just a Megane estate.
Obviously all sportspeople need to practise - except when it comes to penalty shootouts, as so many professional footballers daftly tell us - so who knows how many hours of viewing pleasure could be at our disposal.
Not just for his infidelity - that's just a hiccup in an other-wise sound marriage - but because he was daftly naive and, worst of all, got himself found out.
The 13-year-old singer's 'Friday' sold 159,000 copies after it hit the popular video sharing site in March attracting criticism over auto-tune voice and daftly simple lyrics.
I'd fallen for him not just because he was highly intelligent, a Cambridge graduate with a passion for Shakespeare, but mostly because he was extremely sexy (I described his voice in a daftly purple-prose profile as 'sounding like soft footfalls in the dark').
And then she decides to put her money where her mouth is - without, perhaps daftly, even telling her husband and daughters.