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Thomas Miller's barrister told Liverpool Crown Court: ''It is the daftest thing he's ever done and he knows it is the most serious mistake he has ever made.
THE prize for daftest comment of the week goes to David Cameron for his suggestion that young offenders should be stopped from driving.
Day one of cricket and already the daftest case of taking your eye off the ball
He added: "She had unerring skill to make the daftest, silliest thing sound absolutely plausible, and indulgent of her co-stars.
This has to be the daftest idea Ashley Govier has had in a while, and it's not just a waste of taxpayers' money, but this road, for those who are not familiar with it, is very close to homes and Roath Park, also the Heath Hospital.
Christians slaughtered each other in millions, for the daftest of reasons.
00pm) A countdown of the daftest and most outrageous events from the past 12 months, from Boris Johnson dangling from a zip wire to the phenomenon of South Korean singer Psy's global chart hit Gangnam Style.
Among the daftest was a chap in Birmingham who asked reception where the Wi-Fi was because he couldn't see it.
To most people, the warning will be a contender for the daftest health advice ever given.
THE theory went that the sacking of Lee Clark was about the daftest thing Huddersfield had ever done and that there would be a backlash, writes Steve Davies.
One of the daftest and most pointlessly unfriendly policies ever instituted by the club is evidently under review.
GAYLORD SILLY might have the daftest name in the World Cross Country field but he is wise enough to know he won't get near the medals in Holyrood Park this afternoon.
I am not against public art per se, but of all the ideas that could have been considered, this one must be the daftest yet.
His latest proposal is so radical he might just win an award for it - for daftest idea ever.
Chris Moyles is another example and when the normally sensible Stonewall named him Bully of the Year 2006 it was one of the daftest things they've ever done.