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Query attributes some of the daffiness to increased confidence, but also to the need for more physicality, something the band uses to compensate for the intimacy that was lost when the band went from playing in front of 50 people to filling 3,000-seat auditoriums.
Still, with all its dark daffiness, the play has a way of growing on you.
Thompson neither wastes nor overplays a conlic moment, while Mosina plays this scene with a hint of daffiness.
The daffiness of The Man Without Qualities is what renders an otherwise prodigiously self-conscious work of High Culture wholly addictive.
As Denise, Philipps creates a nice blend of daffiness and neurosis for the character--a seemingly better choice than Shannen Doherty, who was originally considered for the role.
Wendy Makkena brings a sprightly daffiness to the thankless role of standard-issue Sitcom Mom; almost miraculously, she brings a seemingly moribund role to virtually fresh life.
Kennedy evokes the grounded daffiness of a Mildred Natwick as Lane's sister who always wanted something big in her life, although "I didn't know how to ask for it.
Cardinals history is full of championships, heroics and daffiness (and Dizzyness).
Baker is English, to be sure, and at age 50 possesses some of the determined daffiness of the late comedienne Joyce Grenfell, not least when tottering toward us on purple high heels, the box of the title preceding her.