crane fly

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Synonyms for crane fly

long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite

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So just get that daddy-longlegs out of the lounge now, darling, before a horse gets hurt
Patterns: Daddy-longlegs, Kate McLaren, Bibio, Grey Zonker.
There's a daddy-longlegs in the shower," screams the oldest one.
Two or three daddy-longlegs on a hook make a great dapping bait.
Hare's ear nymphs are tempting the afternoon olive feeders and Daddy-longlegs are proving deadly in the evenings.
SOME people would argue, quite adamantly if you pressed the point, that your average human being is brighter than the average daddy-longlegs, or the crane-fly as they are known in entomological circles.
Household creepy-crawlies - including bugs, cockroaches and daddy-longlegs - are the nation's number one fear.
Over the past four months, management team Daddy-longlegs.