daddy longlegs

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long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite

spiderlike arachnid with a small rounded body and very long thin legs

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Easily identified by almost everyone, the daddy longlegs becomes active at the same time that late spring cedes to early summer.
Completing the range, COSi's new Daddy Longlegs mascara with a two part application combines a unique base coat liquid with a separate, cutting edge mascara filled with small fibers to lengthen and define lashes.
Meanwhile, witches' brooms serve as a safe haven for daddy longlegs and pseudoscorpions.
The Bee Creek Cave harvestman (Texella reddelli) is an orange daddy longlegs with an increased leg/body ratio and well developed eyes, while the Bone Cave harvestman (Texella reyesi) is long-legged, pale orange, and blind.
Ken used a floating line with daddy longlegs and hopper patterns to take an eight fish bag.
1] nids), which also includes scorpions, mites, ticks, and daddy longlegs.
For instance, we are allowed to retain sexist names for nonhumans, such as alewife, timothy grass, daddy longlegs, sweet william, and myrtle.
Four years ago, paleontologists searching for fossils in a Scottish quarry found a cornucopia of carboniferous amphibians and arthropods, including the oldest known amphibian and the earliest daddy longlegs spider (SN: 4/13/85, p.
Bert Collett and Mick Smith reached the limit using Diawl Bach flies while a floating daddy longlegs did the trick for Carl Williams, Steve Mogg and Fred Wellsby.
South Linden: Black Fritz, Dawson's Olive, Daddy Longlegs, Diawl Bach, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Black/Green Buzzers.
Olives have been hatching, and Daddy Longlegs are also catching, as fish rise all over the lake - one angler losing a double figured trout which took a Daddy.
At this time of the year we also often see large numbers of crane flies or Daddy Longlegs dancing on the surface of the loch, which are avidly taken by trout.
On that same Gowran card, there was an encouraging debut display from Aidan O'Brien's DADDY LONGLEGS.
SOME areas of North Carolina believe that swallowing a live daddy longlegs can cure a fever.