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an informal term for a father

a nihilistic art movement (especially in painting) that flourished in Europe early in the 20th century

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Mr Davies confirmed that the DADA competition will return for 2016, with entries already open.
Additionally, Dada has been regularly featured in CNET, Demand Gen Report, DM News, eMarketer, MediaPost, Native Mobile, Retail Integration, Wired.
Meethadar police insist the slain individual was a terrorist identified as Suhail Dada, adding that Dada was wanted by police in over 40 cases.
Marc El Dada said: "We have an incredibly high quality of staff working for us who can handle complex projects.
DaDa, the UK's largest disability and deaf arts festival, was chosen by senior representatives of the 30 biggest companies in the north west.
Another work centers on another overt reference to the movement that gave birth to surrealism -- a book originally entitled "Almanach Dada.
Options for the subscription of up to 500,000 newly issued ordinary shares in Dada will be granted under the plan.
He said, 'Girl, you could own a home for that much,'" recalls Dada, now 33, who worked as an application developer for Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson), a professional services firm.
But my team said it would be a single team and they would play for 25 hours with Dada (Vasudev Sarkar).
Its stellar financial standing is the result of collaboration between administrators, board members, the community, and Mohsin Dada, the assistant superintendent for business services.
The general manager Nassim Dada added, "We have placed a wide range of Beko, Sona, and Elba's electronic home appliances to guarantee that our products will reach most of our current and potential customers.
When Michel Sanouillet's Dada in Paris first reared its head in 1965, it served as the seminal volume of Dada history, taking to task art historians who had "until recently excluded the Dada movement from their studies.
It was in New Delhi during the Dhayan Chand tournament, Dada had invited Kishan Dada and me to his residence.
The Posthuman Dada Guide: tzara & lenin play chess
And with that declaration--read from the Dada manifesto at the first public Dada event on July 14, 1916 Hugo Ball launched one of the most influential and important (anti-) art movements of all time, Dada.