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Synonyms for dactyl

a metrical unit with stressed-unstressed-unstressed syllables

a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates

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201705295) A paper Tuesday in the journal Advanced Materials, led by David Kisailus of University of California, Riverside, discussed one of the two interior regions of the dactyl club.
Dactyl will provide a higher level of efficiency whether they work in archaeology or as crime scene scientists.
Opposable margin of propodite without pilosity, bearing 11 to 18 teeth; dactyl moving sub horizontally, opposable margin bearing nine to 15 teeth.
Dactyl thorax index (DTI) = (Cannon bone circumference/ Heart girth) x 100.
Among the poetic forms included are rondeau, terza rima, limerick, tetractys, cinquain, sonnet, pantoum, haiku, double dactyl, and epigram.
He is correct that dactyl does not properly describe it.
Stride length is the distance between two successive placements of the dactyl (Fig.
Pessary It's a wild boar, ventures a friend, duped by the dactyl peccary, while to me sheer euphony suggests Pessary (n.
13) There are echoes of Hardy's elegiac poetry in this re-naming, in the penciled dactyl with which he looks back on the church that he has helped to reconstruct, and if this was the building that caused Hardy's final disillusionment with his draftsman's role in architectural renovation, it is worth examining what it is about the sketches of the new buildings that contributed to his sense of rupture with the original spirit of the place.
Paul E Dactyl Still thinking Nathaniel will win it.
We can bolster the allusion, however, by observing that in Statius's use of the adjective percussum (hammered) there could be an oblique reference to Celmis's Dactyl brother Damnameneus, whose name means "Hammerer.
According to the conception presented here, the dactylic foot is the least natural of the most frequent feet: the iambic, the trochee, the anapest and the dactyl.
After freezing the animals, we severed their claws, examined the dentition of the cutting surfaces, and measured propal height, propal length, propal depth, dactyl length (L2), and the distance from the claw's pivot to the insertion of the closer muscle apodeme (L1; Fig.
The installation features a virtual reality (VR) headset, which is reminiscent of W Industries' (later Virtuality) 1991 arcade game Dactyl Nightmare.
Pop posers: 1 Billy Bragg; 2 Terry Dactyl; 3 Seaside Shuffle by Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs; 4 Undertones; 5 Odyssey; 6 Saturday Nite; 7 Belinda Carlisle; 8 Brian Harvey, 9 East 17; 10 Ray Charles's.