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Synonyms for dactyl

a metrical unit with stressed-unstressed-unstressed syllables

a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates

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Coming out of the bookstore across the street, her arms full, she had glimpsed Myron inside Dactyl.
Hungarian iambic is syllabo-accentual, whereas Hungarian trochees and dactyls are basically "quantitative," as in Greek and Latin poetry.
Specimen measurements follow Taylor (2000), with the exception of a formula we develop for describing the number of tubercles on the opposable margins of the dactyl and propodus.
Leg probes, dactyl clasps, and exploration time were quantified by observers blind to the stimulus.
This theatre show for all the family encourages the audience to participate as dinosaur detectives with the help of Dinosaur Joe and Terry Dactyl.
Speaking of high expectations placed on the reader, are we expected to be familiar with unexplained terms such as "gliuommari" (a twentieth-century term referring to the dramatic and musical "entanglement" during buffo finales), "sdrucciolo rhythm" (poetic lines ending with the stress on the antepenultimate syllable, thus, a dactyl line ending), "sorbeto aria" (the first aria of the second act assigned generally to the most unimportant singers because the clinking of the sorbet glasses of the audience, just returning from refreshments, made it apparently inaudible and hence pretty irrelevant) to mention some I readily recall--or do such terms call for brief explanations somewhere?
This covers the traditional notions anapest, dactyl, iamb, and spondee.
A lawyer's letter from Messrs Terry, Dactyl and Co?
The VAT inquiry started with a nationwide VAT crackdown codenamed Operation Dactyl in which Customs officials raided hotels up and down the country.
Strung along a main strand of tetrameter exposition, iamb mixes with dactyl and anapest, sonnet with song, song with ballad, ballad with dramatic dialogue, and dramatic dialogue with blank verse oratory.
In contrast, the moon known as Dactyl, which the Galileo spacecraft discovered and photographed when it flew past asteroid 243 Ida in 1993, measures about 1.
The dactyl is elongate and overreaches by half its length the tip of the propodus.
Actually, it's Dactyl Nightmare, a new arcade game that employs the technology of virtual reality (VR).
The verb that opens the third line--pushed "back" to the left margin, as it were, after the action in the preceding line--propels it forward, though only so much: a stressed syllable ("back") is followed by a dactyl ("pedaling"), which is followed by an anapest ("when it rolls"); the four enclosed unstressed syllables retard the line's motion.