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inflammation of the lacrimal sac causing obstruction of the tube draining tears into the nose

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Bilateral nasolabial cysts associated with recurrent dacryocystitis.
The new agent, which was developed based on Toyama Chemical's antibacterial agent Ozex Tablet, is indicated for the treatment of various eye infections such as blephartits, dacryocystitis, and hordeolum.
This can lead to red, swollen tear sacs - the medical term is dacryocystitis, or lacrimal sac infection.
This case report describes a 38-year-old white man with a 2-day history of dacryocystitis that resolved after spontaneous passage of a large dacryolith.
Zhai SY, Guo JZ (1987) Treatment of 100 cases of acute and chronic dacryocystitis by irrigating the lacrimal passage with Banlangen solution.
All of our patients had squamous carcinoma, except for one patient with HIV-positive dacryocystitis and one nonsmoker with unexplained tongue ulcerations.
Findings on physical examination included left lower eyelid vertical shortening, chemosis, keratitis, dacryocystitis, and cicatricial ectropion secondary to atrophy of the rectus abdominis flap with skin tethering (figure 1, A).