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a grey volcanic rock containing plagioclase and quartz and other crystalline minerals

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The Fourchu Group consists of volcanogenic, largely pyroclastic, rocks of dacitic chemical composition (Si02/K20 typically about 70), variably foliated, alternating with basaltic sheets.
In addition, the local intrusions of andesitic and dacitic subvolcanic bodies can be observed in these lithologies (Figure 2b).
Chlorite mottled schist, in which most orebodies are found, is believed to be the schistose equivalent of dacitic tuff-breccias.
This group is dominated by andesitic to dacitic rocks with lesser quantities of basaltic to rhyolitic tuffs and flows and epiclastic sedimentary rocks.
Felsic rocks range from dacitic to rhyolitic in composition, and normally contain quartz and plagioclase phenocrysts; felsic rocks are commonly coarsely fragmental and are characterized by a considerable array of fragment types and sizes within and among units, as well as by variable amounts of juvenile volcanic material in the matrix.
The chargeability anomaly is explained by the high levels of alteration-related pyrite in the host andesitic to dacitic volcanic rocks.
The entire mineralized drill intersection noted above is contained within oxidized andesitic volcano-clastic and dacitic intrusive rocks that are variably altered with iron oxides, clay, and silica.
The volcanic and sub-volcanic rocks of and esitic and dacitic composition in this area are characteristic of adakitic rocks (Toro et al.
The intrusive age of the Stanley Brook Granite is essentially identical to the 539 [+ or -] 3 Ma age obtained previously from dacitic turf of the Priest Cove Formation, suggesting a comagmatic relationship between the two.
The primary external building stone is a fine-grained, light grey, dacitic volcanic rock, commonly called Haddington Island andesite.
These rocks represent the feeder zone for dacitic and rhyolitic
All drill holes intersected well mineralized, hydrothermally altered volcanic rocks, intruded by dikes or sills of syenite and granodiorite, and both invaded by later swarms of narrow rhyolitic to dacitic dikes.
The Parashi Stock is an intrusive body of quartzdioritic to granodioritic composition with aplitic and dacitic associated dikes.
The volcanic rocks are primarily andesitic and dacitic in the East Bay Hills and Sporting Mountain belts, whereas basalt and rhyolite are more abundant in the Coxheath Hills.