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a grey volcanic rock containing plagioclase and quartz and other crystalline minerals

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For this study, 20 thin sections of Zanbil dacites possessing phases and textures of interest for CSD studies were selected.
Here we present the CSD results for amphibole and plagioclase of Zanbil adakitic dacites (20 thin sections).
The geochemical studies show that the Deosai volcanics are dacite to rhyodacite in composition while the meta-volcanics of Burji-La Formation show basalt to basaltic-andesite in composition.
These calc-alkaline complexes are Devonian to early Carboniferous in age and mostly consists of igneous rocks including gabbros, tonalites, granodiorites, granites, andesites, dacites, rhyodacites and rhyolites (Polanski, 1972; Caminos et al.
Trondjemites, dacites and related Rocks, Elsevier, Amsterdam: 1-12.
16 Ma) is a dacite, and the deeply weathered Mano de Pilon (undated) is either an andesite or dacite.
1991: Dacite geneisis via both slab melting and differentiation: Petrogenesis of La Yeguada volcanic complex, Panama.
In the present study, seven ME (SCN sector: SC43a, SC49a, and SC49b; SCC sector: SC35a and SC37a; SCS sector: SC29a and SC57a; SC-SCh transition sector: SC24a; Table 1) were separated from their host dacites.
The Pliocene volcanics are generally dominated by andesites, whereas dacites occur as dominant phase in Pleistocene volcanics.
This series, interpreted as a calc-alkaline continental-type volcano-sedimentary unit (Andean-type), exhibits bimodal volcanism, with basalts, andesites, dacites and rhyolites.
The geologic history of this deposit[4] begins with the intrusion of stocks of tonalitic composition (the Andacollo porphyry, Upper Cretacous) within a layered sequence of andesite and dacites, which induced pervasive hydrothermal alteration (K silicate, quartz sericite) and mineralization (mainly pyrite-chalcopyrite plus some minor quantities of molybdenite, bornite, cubanite and pyrrhotite).
The mineralization occurs in dacites and dacite porphyries intruding a fine grain granite and is associated with breccia dikes, crackle breccias and stockwork veining.
Anomalous zones feature a composite of volcanic rock types ranging from basic through intermediate andesites to acid dacites and rhyolites.
The property is predominantly underlain by the Ambon Volcanics, a suite of Tertiary andesites, dacites, breccias and tuffs.
The volcanic complex comprises dacites, andesites, fragmental basalts and a large epiclastic breccia dipping south on the edge of a 2 kilometre diameter circular depression identified in the SAR.