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small European freshwater fish with a slender bluish-green body

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The angling survey itself was really successful in that it showed dace to be present throughout the river system and in areas where they had not been recorded for many years, such as Falstone.
We observed Clinch Dace congregating over what appeared to be a C.
To estimate abundance and capture probability for Millicoma Dace at each sampling location, we used an N-mixture or binomial-mixture model, which uses data from spatially replicated populations (sampling sites) with temporally replicated counts of independent individuals (multiple sampling occasions) within a period of closure (assuming no immigration, emigration, or mortality) (Royle 2004; Kery and Schaub 2012).
Darlington's Mick Clitheroe took three nice chub and a few dace and grayling for 8lb 2oz from peg 46 for fourth while Stockton's Paul Stainsby completed the frame with 7lb 10oz of mainly dace plus one chub from peg 52.
This observation suggests that longfin dace can spawn over cobble substrate with no pre-spawning preparation of the substrate, which demonstrates that this species can spawn using an alternate and more primitive spawning strategy (Johnston and Page, 1992) and successfully produce viable larvae.
HEALING HANDS: Beauty therapy students Resian Hayles (left) and Dace Caica completed work experience at Ragdale Hall
With this quote from the movie Cool Hand Luke, and another from Audre Lorde on deciding not to speak to white women about racism while acknowledging that there are white women involved in the struggle for social justice, Dace (deputy chancellor, diversity, access and equity, U.
The redside dace Clinostomus elongatus is a small, laterally compressed minnow (Cyprinidae) with a large oblique mouth and long pointed snout.
CHAMPIONS and leaders St Asaph A made it a dozen consecutive wins in VALE OF CLWYD LEAGUE Division A as Ian Gibson 21-3 and Sue Dace and James Williams both 21-4 helped them to a 12-2 victory at third-placed Abergele A.
The analysis showed elevated levels of a protein, hepatic vitellogenin, in male minnow, longnose dace fishes.
At the Lights is the product of a series of courses for adults in scriptwriting, acting, and directing from this year's DACE Summer University.
THIS is the last weekend of the full fishing season and from March 15 there will be a 93-day block on river fishing for the likes of roach, bream, dace and chub.
It will provide luxury modern homes in an idyllic rural setting," said Andy Dace, of Damar Homes