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covered with bright patches (often used in combination)

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It's the second time the prince has dabbled in property in Scotland - he personally secured a PS45million deal in 2007 to save Dumfries House.
During Morgan's interview with the 1984 Olympic champions, Dean admitted: "We may have dabbled slightly but.
ZTE has dabbled in Windows Phone in the past, but Microsoft is hoping they and other will do more than dabble, according to The Information.
I've seen my own mother do it, and I look at her and how she dabbled in school and how she managed raising her children, and I don't think I'm ready for it.
Summary: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dabbled in illicit drugs in his youth and alienated colleagues, FBI interviews reveal.
2 : to paddle or play in or as if in water <Ducks dabbled in the pond.
According to public relations guru Max Clifford, a London based tabloid newspaper was preparing to tell the story of how the 28-year-old mezzo soprano dabbled with cocaine and Ecstasy before she hit the big time.
We were all from folk backgrounds and we thought of ourselves as folk singers, even when we played electric guitars and dabbled in country and jazz.
As for Men in Trees, Heche says she dabbled in series TV (such as Everwood) before diving into a leading role.
Auden's "low dishonest decade," during which the best dabbled in free love and socialism while the worst busied themselves getting fascism off the ground.
Al Franken dabbled in political subject matter as a writer and performer during two lengthy stints on Saturday Night Live, as well as on his short-lived NBC sitcom, LateLine.
Those dreams died the day he dabbled in this evil drug.
In addition to painting works of art, these two extraordinary men dabbled in something you've probably done several times in your art classes: cut-paper collage.
During the early 1900s, the budding entrepreneur dabbled with homemade remedies and other products to cure a scalp ailment that caused hair loss.
The fact that this man dabbled in homosexuality and wife-swapping seems to be no impediment to critical acclaim,.