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Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect

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XYZprinting's new products including the Handheld 3D Scanner, which is the most affordable scanner on the market, and the da Vinci 1.
Frank, 32, who was born and raised in Scotland, explained: "Every artist aspires to be like Leonardo da Vinci.
Biagi said the machines will allow visitors to understand the principles of physics and mechanics used by Da Vinci.
The da Vinci is a state-of-the-art surgical robot that has several advantages over traditional "open" surgery, including less pain, less infection, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.
Happily, Birmingham is also now on the Da Vinci trail with a FREE exhibition called simply: Ten Drawings By Leonardo Da Vinci.
More than 500 years ago, artist Leonardo da Vinci painted a picture that haunted people for centuries.
This summer, state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic heart surgeries will be performed in Venice for the first time.
Born the illegitimate son of a Florentine notary and a peasant woman in 1452, Leonardo da Vinci cultivated his inborn talents in art, science, mathematics and architecture to help launch a new way of looking at the world.
The da Vinci the Robot display was paired with the "Da Vinci--The Genius: A Traveling Exhibit" at the Science Center.
Summary: IWC's Da Vinci Automatic - an irresistible jewellery watch for women
An innovative type of surgery - da Vinci robotic surgery - is setting a new standard for the surgical treatment of a broad range of gynecologic conditions, including fibroids, endometriosis, vaginal vault prolapse and gynecologic cancer.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2006: Although Leonardo da Vinci and the Duke of Milan figure prominently in this novel, this is a creative rendering of the life of Giacomo, da Vinci's servant/apprentice.
Love The Real Da Vinci Code" by author, public health authority and behavioral science expert Leonard G.
The Da Vinci Code is one of the great stories of our time, a thrilling tale of double crosses, strange clues, puzzles and red herrings.