direct current

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an electric current that flows in one direction steadily

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Jacobs, which had won earlier at D-C on February 23, shot 34 percent on 44 field goal attempts.
In addition, he says, a-c drives can equal or exceed performance of comparable brush-type d-c drives.
An additional advantage is that a-c drives are not subject to "cogging" at very slow speeds as are brush-type d-c drives.
125% for d-c brush-type drives - which adds flexibility in running a variety of products.
A-C inverter drives may be more economical to run than brush-type d-c drives because of their reportedly favorable power factor, particularly at lower speeds.
Of course, digital technology applies to both a-c and d-c drives, but some extruder manufacturers indicate that a-c drives may have an edge.
Traditionally, a-c electronics have been more complex than those of d-c drives, making a-c drive systems more expensive.
C-TAC's Green cites an in-house cost survey, conducted last year, that compared average distributor pricing of a-c and d-c systems, including controllers, blowers, and motors, from 11 different drive manufacturers.
the only major supplier of these drives in higher horsepower ranges - to combine the best characteristics of a-c drives and brush-type d-c drives.
In a brushless d-c motor, windings and fields are reversed from the usual d-c arrangement: the armature winding is positioned toward the outside and the fields of the motor are put on the shaft.
Brushless d-c motors eliminate the magnetic field of their brush-type d-c counterpart by placing permanent magnets on the shaft.
An advantage over a-c motor is claimed in the waveform used by the brushless d-c motor.
But after D-C established that it would double center Alex Timmerman (14 points, 8 rebounds) and cloud passes back out, it became a track meet as Central totaled 17 turnovers.
Turnovers were minimal -- Hampshire had 13 and D-C 7 -- but the tough defenses were in large part responsible for the Whips going just 8 of 26 from the floor, although they were an efficient 6-for-9 in the second half.
I feel like this tournament helps us accept where we're at," said D-C coach Sarah Miller, whose team returns to action Jan.